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  • Ships in 4-6 business days
  • Reusable industrial letter stencil for heavy use
  • Laser cut .010 pliable Mylar
  • For best results, clean with soapy water or harsher solvents depending on paint
  • Stencil spray will help adhere to surface and reduce paint bleed
  • Some letters have bridges to be touched up by hand
  • Letters will be cut on one stencil sheet. If you'd prefer to have your letters cut individually please let us know. A small additional fee may be charged depending on quantity and letter size.
  • Most stencils will come with a 3" border on all sides of the stencil unless a different border width is specified.
  • Get almost any font or size needed
  • Contact us for custom requests custom makes industrial reusable letter stencils from precision cut .010 Mylar with a laser. Mylar is a pliable plastic popular for industrial stencils because of it's durability and pliability. The industrial reusable stencil can bend and contour along the application surface. The cut path of the laser leaves a crisp edge for professional painting results. Stencil spray, available upon checkout, can be used to make the back of the mylar tacky to help hold the stencil to the surface and prevent paint bleeding.

To keep the stencil edges sharp for best results after multiple uses, we recommend cleaning the stencil after use with soapy water or harsher solvents depending on the paint type. We also recommend storing the stencil flat or filed vertically so it's ready to use right away.

As with all our stencils, these best selling industrial reusable stencils can be ordered in just about any font and size. We put a 3 inch border on all sides of the lettering unless a different width is specified. Custom requests are welcome, please email us with specifications and additional artwork if necessary. Ships in 4-6 business days.

The letter height you order is based on the uppercase letter "A" of the font you specify. Some lowercase letters are shorter (or taller) than the height you specify on the order form so that they will look proportionate to each other. For example, if you wanted to order the name, Ashley, and you ordered all the letters the same size, you would get the following letter sizes in relation to each other.

Most stencils will come with a 3" border on all sides of the stencil unless a different border width is specified.

  • Price Decrease Characters ,.'":;- are free
1.5" $ 0.89
2" $ 1.21
3" $ 1.47
4" $ 1.89
5" $ 2.52
6" $ 3.20
7" $ 3.83
8" $ 4.52
9" $ 5.41
10" $ 6.25
11" $ 6.77
12" $ 7.61
13" $ 8.35
14" $ 9.14
15" $ 9.87
16" $ 10.85
17" $ 11.50
18" $ 12.19
19" $ 13.01
20" $ 13.92
21" $ 14.89
22" $ 16.08
23" $ 17.20
24" $ 18.40
25" $ 19.68
26" $ 21.06
27" $ 22.11
28" $ 23.21
29" $ 24.13
30" $ 25.09
31" $ 26.10
32" $ 27.14
33" $ 28.22
34" $ 29.34
35" $ 30.51
36" $ 31.73
37" $ 32.99
38" $ 34.30
39" $ 35.33
40" $ 36.39
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| 4.7 out of 5 stars

  1. Great quality
    Reviewed By: Marie Fichtner on 9/3/14
    5 Stars

    I'm so happy with the quality of your stencils. Have ordered several times and they were at my front door before i knew it. Your prices are incredible. I would definitely recommend your products for those who either stencil infrequently and for those who would use the stencils over and over. Great product! Thank you for you quick turn around.

  2. Excellent customer service.
    Reviewed By: Norbert Pelayo on 8/4/14
    5 Stars

    Guided me on what was best for what I needed such as size of stencil, type of letter.

  3. Great stencil
    Reviewed By: Art Viveros on 6/30/14
    5 Stars

    This item was great very thick but very hard to put up the adhesive was absolutely nonfunctional the stencil kept falling off the wall with the use of a little bit of duct tape I was able to get it up great product adhesive sucks

    Reply from Just Stencils:
    I'm very sorry that the adhesive did not work for you. We will be happy to issue a refund for the adhesive.
  4. Very top quality!
    Reviewed By: Louis F. Kinner on 5/12/14
    5 Stars

    Friendly site and fast service!

    Reviewed By: Adrian DiGennaro on 2/12/14
    5 Stars

    Quality was exceptional.
    Service was exceptional.
    You guys need a pat on the back I ordered everything and it came in a couple of days. I have used your product and have found it to be great.
    Hard to find a company to give such a good service these days.
    Thank-you very much
    Kind Regards
    All Phase Electrical

  6. Just ok
    Reviewed By: Bryan on 4/25/14
    3 Stars

    After receiving the stencil we order , I was pleased with your product But I was under the impression that it was a thicker gage plastic All in all it works and that's all that matters..!!!

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