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  • Ships in 4-6 business days
  • Reusable metal stencils
  • Waterjet cut .05 Aluminum
  • Lightweight and rigid metal
  • Easy clean-up with soapy water or harsher solvents depending on paint
  • Will not rust
  • Most stencils will come with a 3" border on all sides of the stencil unless a different border width is specified
  • Practically limitless font and size options
  • Custom requests welcome

Our metal letter stencils are precision cut with a waterjet from .05" Aluminum. This versatile material is lightweight, rigid, and will not rust. The cut path of the waterjet is incredibly smooth to yield professional looking painted signs.

After the job is complete, we recommend cleaning the metal stencil with soapy water or harsher solvents depending on the paint type to keep the lettering crisp for multiple uses.

As with all our stencils, these popular metal stencil letters can be ordered in just about any font and size. We put a 3 inch border on all sides of the lettering unless a different width is specified. Custom requests are welcome, please email us with specifications and additional artwork if necessary. Ships in 4-6 business days.

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1.5" $ 2.38
2" $ 3.13
3" $ 3.75
4" $ 4.75
5" $ 6.25
6" $ 7.88
7" $ 9.38
8" $ 11.00
9" $ 13.13
10" $ 15.13
11" $ 16.38
12" $ 18.38
13" $ 20.13
14" $ 22.00
15" $ 23.75
16" $ 23.13
17" $ 24.00
18" $ 25.20
19" $ 26.90
20" $ 28.63
21" $ 30.33
22" $ 32.05
23" $ 33.75
24" $ 35.45
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  1. Great Product
    Reviewed By: Bob Bennett on 8/11/14
    5 Stars

    I have just received my 7th Stencil from Just Stencils. This is a great quality made product that will last a very long time. The first 6 stencils purchased are for an Industrial application. They have held up well under harsh conditions. The stencils have done so well that I have purchased the 7th one for personal use and plan on ordering 2 more!
    I highly recommend this product for Industrial, commercial and personal use!
    Bob Bennett

  2. Right product for the job.
    Reviewed By: Bob Bennett on 7/8/14
    5 Stars

    Just Stencils has a great product at a reasonable price. The initial upfront investment paid off quickly by having a durable stencil that can be used for years to come.

  3. Great Price, Quality, and customer service
    Reviewed By: Joshua Burton on 7/2/14
    5 Stars

    Their "Proof" sheet was very helpful with all font and plate sizes, which I was able to forward to my client for approval. Even though they forgot to cut an identical stencil, Customer service made it right and I received it couple days later.

  4. Fast and Perfect
    Reviewed By: caryl kristensen on 5/19/14
    5 Stars

    Great product and service. Simple, affordable and done right the first time! I highly recommend.

    Caryl K

  5. Amazing Service
    Reviewed By: Michael Fedele on 5/16/14
    5 Stars

    I can't thank the team enough for there quick turn around times and extreme cair for each order!

    Best Of Luck,

  6. good deal
    Reviewed By: Philip on 3/18/14
    5 Stars

    Rapid deliver, reasonable price, quality product. I recommend JustStencils.

  7. Very reasonably priced high quality stencil.
    Reviewed By: Joe Thornton on 2/26/14
    5 Stars

    Very pleased with the quality as well as the price of the stencil's that I purchased. Time from order to receipt of the stencil was very quick. I would purchase any future stencils from Just Stencils.

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